Research engineer position dedicated to the characterization of materials for renewable energy

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CEA Liten

Liten (Laboratory for Innovation in New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) is an institute forming part of the CEA’s Technological Research Division, and is one of Europe’s leading research centers in the new energy technology field. Involved in 400 research partnership contracts every year, Liten works hand in hand with French industry. Research activities are focused on renewable energy sources (solar energy, biomass), energy efficiency (vehicles, low-energy buildings, hydrogen technology, electric power system management, etc.) and, lastly, high-performance materials for energy applications.

The MINATEC innovation campus is home to 2,400 researchers, 1,200 students, and 600 business and technology transfer experts on a 20-hectare state-of-the-art campus with 10,000 m² of clean room space. An international hub for micro and nanotechnology research, the MINATEC campus is unlike any other R&D facility in Europe. The Nanocharacterization Platform (PFNC) is hosted by Minatec and is jointly operated by CEA Grenoble institutes LETI, LITEN, and IRIG. Its mission relies in developing new characterization techniques and protocols, in order to apply them towards applications that include micro and nanotechnologies, nanomaterials, and materials for the energy industry. PFNC also performs the characterization work required for CEA and CEA partner research programs. PFNC is deployed over 2200 m2 and more than 40 instruments dedicated to material characterization, operated by 80 researchers and technicians.

The postdoc will be hosted in the LCAE laboratory (Laboratory of Advanced Characterization of Energy materials) of the LITEN institute. Our lab is part of the CEA-Grenoble nanocharacterization platform (PFNC at the Minatec Campus), which gives access to a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities. Our activity is mainly dedicated to nanoscale research (physics and chemistry of materials up to the atomic scale) using advanced instrumentation. It is located in the “Polygone Scientifique” (, near the city centre of Grenoble, which offers an exceptional working environment as well as a very good quality of life, in the heart of the French Alps. The candidate will enforce the team in charge of surface analysis by electron spectroscopy (XPS, Auger) and ion beam analysis (ToF-SIMS). He will be in charge of advanced characterization for projects related to Li-ion batteries, PV, catalysis or material recycling. He/she will have to use advanced instruments (IonTof TOF.SIMS.5, PHI NanoTof2, PHI Versaprobe II, HAXPES PHI Quantes, Auger nanoprobe PHI 700Xi). . A prior experience related to the use of such spectrometers is highly recommended. A good knowledge of condensed matter, solid state, surface and interface chemistry and reactivity is mandatory. He/she will have a particular interest for characterization techniques and experimental work. He/she will have access to an exceptional range of instruments dedicated to the preparation and manipulation of samples (UHV protected transfers between instruments, ex and in situ FIB, GCIS beams etc.). All these instruments are used by several research teams, it is therefore mandatory to be able to interact and keep a good communication with all the teams working on Nanocharacterization Platform.

Contacts: Eric De Vito (, Jessica Thery (

Duration: 36 months

Gross salary: 30-35 k€