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Université of Rouen

Mass Spectrometry Imaging applied to cancer research

Metabolomic approaches are particularly relevant for the study of diseases linked to metabolism. In
parallel of global approaches, Mass Spectrometry Imaging allows to get information on spatial
localisation of metabolites in tissue samples. However, MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging of
metabolites below 500 Da implies the development of ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry in
order to separate the ions of interest from the matrix. FTICR analyzers are among the most powerfull
instruments to do these analyses.1 Thanks to its ultrahigh resolution and mass measure precision, this
instrument allows to detect and identify low abundant species that are separated from the numerous
isobaric ones.2 In fact, the non resolved signals would compromise the identification of potential
biomarkers. Enhanced identification can be realized based on tandem mass spectrometry experiments.
In parallel, MALDITOF Mass Spectrometry Imaging enhances the speed of the analyses and
therefore comparison of multiple tissue samples.

The objective of the NeurOncochimie project is to improve the patients therapy against Glioblastome
tumor. This project implies interdisciplinary teams which will develop new therapy strategies based
on chemistry and biomaterials. These approaches will be tested invivo and invitro and evaluated
thanks to Mass Spectrometry Imaging.

The postdoctoral candidate will take in charge both MALDIFTICR (FTICR 12T instrument) and
MALDITOF (TIMSTOF Flex instrument) Mass Spectrometry Imaging developments on brain
tissue samples in order to get the best spatial resolution possible, best mass measure precision and
dynamic range in metabolite coverage. Developments will be realized also on tissue sample
preparation. Therefore, the candidate will have a PhD, experience in high resolution mass
spectrometry and skills to work with multiple collaborators. Mass Spectrometry Imaging on
biological tissues experience would be appreciated.

Ferey J., Marguet F., Laquérriere A., Marret S., SchmitzAfonso I., Bekri S., Afonso C., Tebani A. A new optimization
strategy for MALDI FTICR MS tissue analysis for untargeted metabolomics using experimental design and data
modeling. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2019.

Ferey J., Larroque M., SchmitzAfonso I., Le Maître J., Sgarbura O., Carrere S., Quenet F., Bouyssière B., Enjalbal C.,
Mounicou S., Afonso C. Imaging matrixassisted laser desorption/ionization fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance
mass spectrometry of oxaliplatin derivatives in human tissue sections. Talanta. 2021.


Send your letter, resume and recommendations before 10th of June 2022 to : Isabelle Schmitz
Email : isabelle.schmitzafonso [at]

Laboratory : Laboratoire COBRA, UMR 6014

Rue Lucien Tesnière, Bâtiment IRCOF, 76130 Mont Saint Aignan, France

Hiring period : one year with beginning of contract starting between september and november