Imaging Mass Spectrometrist to perform single-cell metabolomics

BioInnovation Institute

We are looking for an Imaging Mass Spectrometrist to join the SpaceM Bio Studio
Project at the BioInnovation Institute (BII) in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The SpaceM project aims to develop and commercialize a recently invented technology for single
cell metabolomics for drug discovery and precision medicine. The project PI is Dr. Theodore
Alexandrov from European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Heidelberg) who is a world leader in
singlecell metabolomics and was previously cofounder of a startup developing software in a
related field. The SpaceM project will further develop and streamline the technology, algorithms
and software to be applied to address key questions in drug discovery and precision medicine.
You will join a dynamic team of talented and experienced scientists and engineers excited to make
translational impact through development of novel technologies. We offer a startup culture
focused on efficiency and collaborative work with minimal hierarchy and bureaucracy yet with
professional approach to project management. Integration of the project team in the BioInnovation
Institute Bio Studio provides attractive and competitive work conditions, multiple learning
opportunities, and involvement in a vibrant entrepreneurial network.

Your ownership of our mutual journey will be to:
Operating and maintaining a cuttingedge MALDI imaging mass spectrometry system
Developing and optimizing imaging mass spectrometry methods
Setting up and executing QC approaches
Performing MALDIimaging analyses
Together with other experimentalists and computational scientists, planning experiments as
well as streamlining samples preparation, data acquisition, and data analysis
Performing data analysis together with data scientists

This role is based on a 3year contract, with the possibility of an extension.

Your Professional & Personal Spirit
We are looking for a team member who has an MSc or PhD in analytical chemistry or another
related field, and experience and indepth knowledge of mass spectrometry and untargeted

For more information, please email Theodore Alexandrov.