Congrès SIMS-24 2024

Congrès SIMS-24 2024

Congrès SIMS-24 2024

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We are pleased to announce the 24th International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry – SIMS-24 which will be held in La Rochelle (France), from 8 to 13 September 2024.

COVID-19 notice: the conference was initially scheduled in 2023, but has been postponed to 2024 to follow the postponement of SIMS-23 (Minneapolis, USA) from 2021 to 2022, then in order to keep the two-year interval between two successive editions of the conference.

The conference will be the occasion for colleagues from both academia and industries to exchange results and news on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and related techniques. The conference will cover advancements of scientific knowledge from fundamental understanding to new applications.

Chair : Alain Brunelle ; Co-chair : Jean-Paul Barnes

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